eKadaa is a public relations company with a difference. With a moniker that means the first, the giver, the absolute, in Sanskrit, it's steeped in the belief that creativity and commitment to clients and ekadaa Team, stands above all else. The credo of the company is to provide the most comprehensive public relations strategy and coverage to all clients, regardless of the product or the company. This often means having to stretch the imagination and the boundaries of PR in the region. ekadaa, as an organizations and a PR team, strives to bring its clients to every potential consumer within its remit.

The ekadaa team is made up of a variety of different personalities; what binds them together as a team is that they all share a passion for excellence in client services. The ekadaa approach and belief fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity. With dedication, knowledge, drive, energy and enthusiasm, We work hard to help our clients succeed every day.

ekadaa's obligation to client services is grounded in tradition and goes to the very heart of what we do and how we do it. As a team of professionals who are constantly looking to grow and learn more, being partners with their clients is of prime importance. The manifesto then, is as follows:

We're fresh, tireless, relentless, adamant and determined to keep your business! ekadaa's experience includes PR, organization and promotion of events as well as Media Placement - our core competencies cover an entire gamut and that gives us a clear marketing edge. We have established media contacts, with the ability and know-how to effectively translate client goals into achievements. As a small but dedicated PR company, ekadaa is committed to giving one-on-one attention to its clients' needs and campaigns.



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